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Hire/Manage Employees
Hiring Others

Some businesses must hire people immediately; other businesses can operate with the owners and intermittent help for a year or more. If you need to hire people immediately, this is the time in the start-up process to do it. You should have developed your systems so that you know what jobs need to be done and can hire appropriately.

Many people don't realize that "employee" does not require regular employment.

  • Someone can work for you for 20 minutes and if you are directing their work, you are an employer.
  • People who work commission-only are usually your employees.
Please see Are you an Employer?. There is some paperwork, but it really isn't difficult. Once you have regular employees, you will probably want to use a payroll service, but until then, this kit has tools to help you easily do payroll taxes. You will learn more about them in the step on Getting Paid.

Independent Contractors


There are other requirements for employers, but we have put them in Filling in the Gaps. In most cases, if you are in a hurry, you can get by with the forms shown above. However, if you are in a high hazard business, please review Filling in the Gaps at this time.