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Controlling workers compensation costs

Ask your workers compensation carrier for a list of the most common claims for your industry and take action to prevent those accidents. For example, slip and fall accidents are the most frequent cause of claims for restaurants and the second highest for retail stores. Employers can reduce claims by requiring employees to wear slip-resistant shoes.

Keep good relations with management and employees. Employees are more likely to file workers compensation claims if they are angry or want to punish management.

The Hartford has highlighted 9 ways to limit workers compensation costs, with action steps for each. These include:
  1. Require employees to report all accidents or illnesses immediately. Statistics show that the sooner they get prompt, appropriate care, the less likely they are to sue and have lengthy recovery times.
  2. Focus on getting injured employees back to work quickly and safely.
  3. Control employees' exposure to workplace contaminants
  4. Pay attention to ergonomics
  5. Make safety everyone's job
  6. Evaluate the air quality in your building
  7. Evaluate material handling practices
  8. Minimize the risk of slips and falls
  9. Use proper machine guards to protect employees