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Ergonomic and wellness resources that you can send to your employees
Click on the topic to see it. If you want to email it to your employee, click the box. If a site contains resources for multiple industries, you can copy the link address for the industry that you want below. If your computer allows cookies, it will remember your selections for future employees.
Employee safety - easy ergonomics
Lifting calculator, pushing & pulling calculator, and checklists
Push, Pull, Carry calculator
Lifting Guideline Tool
Employee safety - back injury prevention
Ergonomics Ideas Bank
Employee safety - fitting the task to the person
Industry-specific ergonomic tools - find your industry here
Ergonomic tools for baggage handlers, deliverers, electricians, warehousing, and others
Best practices for manufacturing
Laboratory Workstation Evaluation Checklist
Employee safety - ergonomics in action for the food processing industry
Best practices for health care
Ergonomic Injury Prevention in Healthcare Service
Nursing Home OSHA e-tool
Ergonomic guidance for the health care industry
Ergonomics poster for small restaurants
Ergonomics for restaurants, hotel room attendants, landscapers
Employee safety - desktop computer users
Computer Workstation Work Techniques
Recommendations for computer users from Cornell University
Ergonomic stretch breaks for employees
Toolkits for wellness: weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management and more
Nursing Home OSHA e-tool
DrugFree training for Employees from US Department of Labor
Ergonomics Training Resources for the Poultry Industry
Do you need a job accommodation for a disability?
Initial employee training checklist developed by the SmartLogging certified logging program
Coping with Heat Stress
A checklist for new employee safety training on construction sites
Sample vehicle safety program for small businesses in the construction industry
Using a fire extinguisher - video
Some of the sites above have multiple industries. If you would like to select one of the links from within the site, right click on the link and paste it below. Next to that, put a description. If you need more lines, click here.
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