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Finding your Website: Keywords

Search engines find websites by searching for key words in the tags, in the words on your web pages (especially the home page), and in the tags of the images on your web pages. If you do not have or tags or if you have few words on your home page, it is not likely that your website will be found "organically" - i.e. without paying for a sponsored site.

You can check to see if your web pages have these tags by going to each page, and in your browser, under View, select Source. Then using Edit, search for meta and alt=.

Which Keywords to Use

Google has a free Keyword Tool at that can help you target which words to use in your tags and in the text on your website. You can enter a description of your business or proposed text for your website and Google will give you ideas for key words. When you use this tool, the larger number is not necessarily the better choice. For example, when we used this tool for the website "Tools for Business Success", the results included the word "business" as a possible key word. Google said there were 68 million requests for that word in one month. Yet, it is unlikely that 68 million people are looking for the "Tools for Business Success" - this is too broad a word. It would be better to use other words to target to a smaller group that is more likely to be directly interested.

The Keyword Tool will also show you how much advertiser competition there is for each keyword. The higher the competition, the higher the price to achieve a high search ranking.

Click on the image below to see an example of the Keyword Tool.