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Get Your Business Online Tennessee

All businesses need to have a website - even if you don't sell online. It's like having a telephone. Various studies show:
  • Websites establish credibility: 80% of journalists say that a business without a website is less credible.
  • Websites are essential for visibility. 97% of consumers look online before purchasing.
  • Websites provide a system for customer feedback. Google +, Yelp, and others give your customers opportunities to complain and complement you. You need to participate in this communication.
  • Websites are the cheapest, most effective way to expand your market beyond the people you know and who drive by your business.
There are four essentials that you need to include:
  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. How to buy from you
  4. How to contact you
Plus you need pictures or a video sharing your story.

Ready to go?

Get Your Business Online provides a free website and domain name for a year plus training to help small businesses get online. The program is sponsored by Intuit and Google, as well as non-profit business organizations across the US. You can get a free website and domain name for a year, but after that there will be a monthly charge. Because of that, you are asked to provide your credit card when you sign up for this program.

At the end of the year, you can move your domain and your website to any host that you choose.

Most website hosts have design templates that you can use, so you can put a website together in a few hours. This is fine for just starting out, but after you use the website for a year and know how you want to use your website, consider hiring someone to customize your website and match the website to your other marketing materials.

You can also use the training on this website and set up your website and domain name with another company (for a fee).

Click here to go to Get your Business Online

We also have more resources to getting your business online in the Marketing and Selling section of the Tools.