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Food Service

  • Keep the turn-on times for equipment staggersed.
  • Clean and polish heat reflectors
  • Cooling fans should be directed towards your workers, not the cooking equipment
  • Whenever possible, cook during off-peak periods.
  • Operate food warmers and cooking equipment only when needed
  • Preheat ovens, grills and broilers only when necessary
  • Reduce the temperature on fryers and grills during standby times
  • Minimize the use of range tops, griddles and broilers. Use ovens, steamers and flyers whenever possible.
  • Load and unload ovens quickly to avoid heat loss
  • Use appropriate sized pots with flat bottoms and tight fitting lids.
  • Install energy-efficient equipment where appropriate
  • Shelve products properly to avoid airflow blockage or voids.
  • Install strip curtains or swing doors in doorsways of cooling areas
  • Install night covers on open display cases..
  • Maintain room temperature at 75 degrees dry-bulb and 55% relative humidity.
  • Install auto door closers on walk-in doors.
  • Clean cooling and condenser coils regularly.
  • Install automatic anti-condensation system controls on glass door reach-in displays to prevent continuous operation.